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About the Practitioner

I am excited to share with you the ancient healing tradition of massage therapy.

Acting as a catalyst, the spirit of a practice that has existed throughout time flows through me, to you. I am grateful to share this healing art with you and to have it be the method for which I live my life.

Massage therapy effects so many areas of our lives - bringing us more in tune with our bodies and inviting us to deeply connect with what we find there.

You may find the capacity to connect with prana "life force" energy that keeps the body in motion. Prana (the Sanskrit word for "life force") enters the body through the breath and is sent out to every cell through the circulatory system. It flows through and resonates within our bodies on a molecular level.

During massage, you may access memories that have been tucked away in the human contraption that has housed your spirit since birth.

These human contraptions house all of the tension and emotion that we have experienced (i.e. pain, trauma, fear, anxiety) - experiences which play a large role in our society today. These trapped emotions constrict and restrict our imagination, energy, creativity, and physical ability.

When I touch these tensions with therapeutic intent, it gives you the opportunity to access the origin of the tension; and consequently allow adequate space for the restriction to expand - release - and finally - dissapate out of your body through the body's natural toxin removal systems.

This can be very intense work. As you and I create a rapport, we will work slowly together - with care and intention - to develop your therapeutic plan (likely starting with Swedish Relaxation Massage). When you feel ready, Therapeutic Massage can bring a deeply intensive alive awareness with the use of Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, and other therapeutic manual manipulation techniques.

The ancient healing tradition of massage therapy creates an opportunity for you to experience physical connection - and makes possible the realization of beauty and the continuity of humanity and all of life.

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In deep grattitude,


“Aliveness is energy. It’s the juice, the vitality, and the passion that wakes up our cells every morning. It’s what makes us want to dance. It’s the energy that moves a relationship from the status quo to something grander and much more expansive, something that makes our hearts beat faster, our minds and our eyes open wider, than ever before. Everything is of interest to a person who is truly alive, whether it’s a challenge, a loving moment, a bucket of grief, or a glimpse of beauty.” ~ Daphne Rose Kingma

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