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Package Deals

Personal Training/Massage Combo Package Deals
Three 60-minute Strength/Massage Combo Sessions $150
Three 90-minute Strength/Massage Combo Sessions $240

Signature Massage Package Deals
Three 90-minute Signature Massages $285
Three 2-hour Signature Massages $390

Swedish Relaxation Massage Package Deal
Three 60-minute Swedish Relaxation Massages $150

Therapeutic massage Package Deals
Three 60-minute Therapeutic Massages $230
Three 90-minute Therapeutic Massages $330
Three 2-hour Therapeutic Massages $445

Monthly Massage Subscriptions

The Monthly Massage Subscription requires a six-month commitment. It is your responsibility to schedule your monthly visit online at (same as the "Schedule an Appointment" link above). When you sign up for a PayPal subscription, the fee will auto-deduct from your PayPal account on the same day every month (i.e. if you sign up on the 3rd of the month, the fee will come out on the 3rd of each subsequent month until the subscription is canceled). If you are unable to make it in during a particular month, you may offer the visit to a friend or you may carry one visit over to future months. If you are unable to make it in for more than one month in a row, please cancel your subscription as opposed to continuing to carry the visits over for multiple months.

Monthly Massage Subscription

*Time of Service Rates - All rates shown on this page are a "Time of Service Rate" or "Subsctiption" pre-pay rate and reflect a discount from the amount billed to insurance companies and auto injury claims. Please email with further questions.


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